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Family Lawyer London

Family law is a varied and complex corner of law and it involves many disputes and proceedings. Due to the very nature of broken relationships, battles over money and family homes, and parents’ rights to visit their children, family law cases can lead to bitterness and resentment but it is vital that you are at least aware of your liabilities and rights. Hylton-Potts is a family lawyer London residents can use for legal advice, mediation, and court representation. We are a leading name in this field and offer competitive fixed fees on all cases of family law.


One of the most common cases is that of divorce. A divorce really should be treated as the very last step and should only be considered when all avenues of reconciliation have been explored. However, despite even the best efforts of both parties, some marriages simply do not work out. In other cases, of course, there are more obvious factors that can lead to the breakdown of a family relationship.

Legal Procedures

When a marriage does breakdown, one partner will usually apply for divorce. Although this can be either party, it is most commonly the wife that takes the first step in filing a Form A to start the whole process. Following this, both parties are required to complete a Form E which details financial information and will require the collection of bank, mortgage, and credit card statements as well as other financial documents.

Form E is one area where divorce proceedings can prove a stumbling block. At Hylton-Potts we can work with you to ensure that all information has been provided by your spouse. We can inform you of your rights and liabilities, assist in mediation, and we can represent you in court ensuring that you get every penny that is rightfully yours through the divorce process.

We can advise on family and children arbitration and arrange representation, for highly competitive fixed fees.

Here is a link to a 2017 judgement which is well worth reading as it deals very effectively (if belatedly) with an alienating parent.

Legal Representation

The cost of legal representation varies according to the case and how involved you want your lawyer to be. Filing documents can typically be arranged on a fixed fee basis so you always know how much you have to pay and, at Hylton-Potts we aim to provide you with a reliable cost estimate for court appearances and more complex cases. Call us today on 020 7381 8111 to discuss the cost of your case.