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Family Lawyer London Cases

There are many different forms of family law ranging from full divorce settlements to the formalising of a pre-nuptial agreement. Hylton-Potts.com is a specialist family lawyer London residents can use to help come to formal agreements with their former or current partners. As well as dealing with broken marriages and civil partnerships, we can also assist in inheritance cases, shared residences, and in both divorce and family mediation matters.


Mediation has been introduced with the aim of reducing the number of cases that have to be heard by UK courts. In most cases that involve children or the sharing of finances, the courts will require that both parties attend a mediation meeting. Once the initial meeting has been completed, either party can back out of mediation if they decide that it is not the best way to resolve their dispute or disagreement and, usually in these cases, the parties will proceed with their case.

The process of mediation can start as soon as one or both parties have decided that divorce is the only step that remains. The initial meeting can even resolve who should apply for the divorce and, typically over the course of a number of sessions, it can also be used so that both parties come to an agreement over finances, maintenance, and access without having to go to court.

Involving Solicitors Or Lawyers

From a financial point of view, mediation will usually work out cheaper than going to court although this will depend on the case in question and a number of other factors. You do not have to involve solicitors or lawyers but doing so can help ensure that you only agree to a course of action and to financial arrangements that suit both parties; this is the aim of mediation and with a family lawyer London residents can achieve this aim without the additional problems that can raise their heads during a court case.

Divorces and family law cases can become ugly. Both parties may resort to mud-slinging and name calling, as well as allegations of abuse and more, to try and gain the upper hand. Hylton-Potts.com will fight as vehemently as you want us to in order to ensure a fair outcome for your case. Call us today on 020 7381 8111 to discuss your case and to see how we can help.