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Family Lawyer London Services

At Hylton-Potts.com we offer a range of competitively priced, high quality family lawyer London services. We can file court documents, complete legal paperwork, and represent clients in mediation or in bitter court battles. Whatever your requirements we deem to ensure that they are met and we abide by your decisions regarding how you wish to fight or contest particular cases to ensure that you’re as happy as possible with the final outcome.

Divorce Proceedings

Divorce is a difficult process for everybody involved and even with the best intentions in the world from both parties, it can still lead to a bitter court case. In the majority of cases, the ideal outcome is to settle out of court so that both parties are happy and the process can be completed quicker and less painfully. However, if the case needs to go to court then you should ensure that you have a qualified and able family lawyer on side.


In most cases relating to financial and access rights, mediation is the first step. At the very least you will have to attend an initial mediation meeting and if nothing is decided during this meeting or either of you decide that mediation is not the right choice for you, then the mediation process will end and court papers are usually filed.

Maintenance And Access

Splitting from a partner or spouse can be made all the more difficult if children are involved. Both parties will want to ensure that they get the level of access and maintenance that they deserve and this can lead to lengthy debate and discussion. Again, the ideal situation is one that involves settling out of court but this isn’t always possible. Call Hylton-Potts.com today on 020 7381 8111 to have one of the best family lawyers fighting your corner in court.

Other Family Law Cases

These are just a few family law cases that we specialise in. We can also assist in other family related matters such as tax credits, inheritance, and property sharing. With a team of skilled and dedicated staff on hand to answer your calls and represent you in the way you want to be represented we are one of the leading family law firms in London.